Have You Wondered About That Burning Smell As Your Dryer Is running? You Are Not The Only One. Milions Of Families Have Experienced This Exact Scenario. What Is The Root Cause For This Burning Smell? Well Lets Look At The Leading Cause For 14,000 Dryer Fires That Happen Every Year. The Root Cause Is Dryer Lint. Thats Right That Build Up That Is On Your Lint Screen As You Clean Before Every Load. So What Causes The Lint To Catch Fire? The Electric Dryer Is Designed To Heat Up Quickly. The Build Up Accumulates In The Dryer As Loads Of Laundry Keep Getting Done. This Lint Build Up Gathers On The Dryer Exhaust And On The Heating Element. If The Build Up Is Never Taking Care Of, Then The Dryer Works Harder With Every Load Creating A Perfect Storm For A Dryer Fire. So Back To The Opening Question. Have You Wondered About That Burning Smell Coming From Your Dryer ? Please Do Not Take It For Granted. Cleaning Your Dryer And Dryer Vent On A Regular Basis Just May Save Your Family And Save Your Financial Situation. Next We Will Talk About Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools And How To Use Them Correctly! So Until Next Time, Clean Your Lint Trap And Do Not Leave Your Dryer Running When You Leave Your Home.

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by client April 11, 2022

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