In today’s article we will discuss the tools of the trade. As a Dryer Vent Cleaning business here in Boise, Idaho. We want to use the best tools as possible. Maybe You are a “DIYer” (Do It Yourself) and that is ok. Dryer Vent Cleaning can be very beneficial as a regular maintenance chore list around your home. My number one question I often get asked is ” How Often Should I Get MY Dryer Vent Cleaned”? And my typical response is this. How Often do You wash laundry? How Many People live in your home? Many times a average home should have a annual routine dryer vent cleaning. Meaning once a year. This once a year cleaning will extend the life of the Dryer Unit and also keep the Dryer Exhaust Ducting clean and fully functional. It is vital to get a full inspection on the intial cleaning. This Inspection comes with a report and lets You the homeowner know that your Dryer Exhaust Ducting is Up to Code. That is the benefit of Hiring a Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Company to perform this task. But can you do it yourself? Absolutely, many big Box stores sell dryer vent cleaning kits. These kits include the rods and brush head that go deep inside your vent to scrub the inside and get the built up lint off your Exhaust walls. The cost of these kits is around $30 dollars for many locations. This is just 1 option.

The Other form of cleaning a dryer exhaust duct is using a air compressor and a tool called a reverse skipper ball valve. This is a very cool tool to use as a business owner. This reverse skipper ball valve is designed to not only agitate but scrub the walls as it self propels itself inside the exhaust duct and with the reverse air nozzle it shoots it back out the termination and onto the ground. With this thorough cleaning it is easy to make sure that the duct work is safe and clean when the job is done. At 208 Dryer Vents we use this method for many of our cleanings on Commercial Accounts ( Apartment and Condominium Buildings).

Back to the DIY kits from the Box Stores. As You know there are many YouTube Videos out there showing ways to clean your dryer vent out. But what they do not show is the mishaps that can happen. You may ask yourself, What is he talking about? well with a dryer vent cleaning kit the rods will thread on and that makes it easy to connect together. These kits are normally powered by your battery powered drill which most homeowners have. But Costly mistakes can happen. It is easy to start this process and get in a hurry. We start cleaning and adding rods to the length of our dryer exhaust, one after another. And as we are moving forward and the drill is in the right postion of movement. Your thumb hits the reverse direction button on your drill. Yes it even happened to me. Now What? how do you get the rod and brush out of your dryer vent? Professional companies use Professional Tools of our trade. We spend hours perfecting our trade, and spend $100’s of dollars on the right equiptment. Even If we have to fish out one of these kits from your vents. It is possible to retrieve the tool out. Video Camera and retrieval tools are needed and the right training.

So maybe you want to try it Yourself or You do not have the time in your busy day to day routine to clean out your dryer vent and your dryer cavity. The Choices are available for You as a homeowner. We take our job serious and want every homeowner to be safe. We want to educate As many as possible in our community so another home does not burn down do to lack of cleaning. Dryer Exhaust fires happen to often and do not need to. Please become educated in dryer safety and have a routine cleaning. Be safe and Enjoy your family time. Until next time keep the dryer off as you leave your home.

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by client April 17, 2022

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