Many times as I am in a customers home, I get this one question asked over and over. Do I really need to clean the dryer ? Short answer is Yes.

But here is the reason behind why you should also get your dryer cleaned out, when you schedule your dryer vent cleaning also. In many cases our clothes dryers work very hard. Load after Load. From the kids sporting events, to doing your own dry cleaning at home for the professional working parents. So it is reasonable that the dryer is not gonna get all the lint caught in the lint trap. So where does it go? Well as a dryer works and runs the exhaust out the vent, if the exhaust duct is clogged it creates back pressure, and the lint gets in the dryer cabinet. So if you every have the slightest smell of burning hair, or like someone lit a match. It is a good idea to have your dryer looked at by a professional. You as the home owner can do this also if you are a avid DIYer ( Do It Yourselfer).

Start by unplugging the dryer from the 220 volt electrical outlet. Make sure you have something to put under the dryer like furniture sliders under the dryer feet. The last thing you want to do is have a tare in your Vinyl or scratch your hardwood flooring. The next step is to slide out the dryer to a clear area and have plenty of room all the way around it. Unscrew the back panel. Most of these screws are gonna be a 1/4 inch hexbolt. once the panel is off you can use your vacuum or shop vac to clean around the exhaust pipe and the cabinet. The next step is to go to the front of the dryer and lift up on the top of the dryer. This is held on by a couple clips. remove the hexbolts from the front inside and slide off the front face of the dryer. This is where you can access the whole dryer cabinet. Take your vacuum and a brush attachment and start cleaning the Base, the Motor and the Blower fan. This is a perfect time to wipe off the belt tension also as it gets caked heavily with lint.

Now that you have got that taken care of put everything back together. It always amazes me who much dryer lint is inside the dryer. Every home is different. From out pets to our work enviroment. We bring home alot of debris that gets inside of our dryers. This is a very important process, Please do not skip out on having your Dryer cleaned out. Many times home owners do not realize they had a mini dryer fire. Our lives are so busy that we put the cleaning off until it is too late. NFPA ( National Fire Protection Agency) has reported that 15,000 Dryer Fires happen every year. Millions of Dollars are spent to repair or rebuild homes. And it is all because the dryer cleaning is overlooked. There are alot of electrical components inside of a dryer that make it function properly. and the build up inside makes them work hard and the temperature gets hot very fast. It is important to have this service done every spring is what I tell my customers. As we change the clocks forward after a long winter, it is time to check the dryer vent exhaust. Thank you for taking time to read my article today. We truly love taking care of our Treasure Valley Residents from Boise to McCall Idaho. 208 Dryer Vents LLC is here for you.

by client April 27, 2022

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