Why Is Cleaning The Dryer Important, And Not Just The Dryer Vent?

Many times as I am in a customers home, I get this one question asked over and over. Do I really need to clean the dryer ? Short answer is Yes. But here is the reason behind why you should also get your dryer cleaned out, when you schedule your dryer vent cleaning also. In […]

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client April 27, 2022

Tools Of The Trade

In today’s article we will discuss the tools of the trade. As a Dryer Vent Cleaning business here in Boise, Idaho. We want to use the best tools as possible. Maybe You are a “DIYer” (Do It Yourself) and that is ok. Dryer Vent Cleaning can be very beneficial as a regular maintenance chore list […]

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client April 17, 2022

Dryer Vent Cleaning Importance

Have You Wondered About That Burning Smell As Your Dryer Is running? You Are Not The Only One. Milions Of Families Have Experienced This Exact Scenario. What Is The Root Cause For This Burning Smell? Well Lets Look At The Leading Cause For 14,000 Dryer Fires That Happen Every Year. The Root Cause Is Dryer […]

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client April 11, 2022